The game that may change the way you look at life...


Two paper bags are placed before you on a table.  Each bag contains one box of crayons.

You’re asked to pour the crayons out of each bag and simply return the crayons back to their boxes. You'll be timed & have 30 seconds to complete each bag.

Sounds easy enough, right?

What you weren’t told is that one bag contains only 8 crayons while the other has 64 crayons!

What just happened? 
You’ve had an Out Of The Crayon Box Experience!

It’s the same in life.  We all have the same amount of time in a day for family & friends, work, worship, school, shopping, studies, relaxation and maintaining our homes or work spaces.

When we have ‘too many crayons’ to maintain, it steals precious time away from those things we treasure most in life.

Our purpose is to help you simplify & organize so that you will have time and space for what is truly important in life.  We want you to have time to enjoy your own special box of crayons.

Be warned.  It's easier than you think.