It's so simple, you'll wonder why no one thought of it before:)



Out of the Crayon Box Personal Planner Organizer!Want to jump-start organization? 

Order an "Out of the Crayon Box Personal Planner" available 5/10/11!

It rovides great ready-to-use forms to help you organize quickly! 
Personal Planner includes:
--Leather cover
--Magnetic snap closure
--Pen loop (pen not included)
--Card slots
--Front pocket
--7"X9" cover
 --6-ring inserts:
    --Include daily & monthly calendars
    --Address/contacts, with alphabetical tabs.

(If you need specialized forms, check out our 9X7" Print-Ready forms to download and customize your Planner to work for your unique needs!  Email us for this special link when ordering a book or Personal Planner)

Inside view:Order your leather Out of the Crayon Box Personal Planner today!

Order the book Out of the Crayon Box today!"Out of the Crayon Box" addresses the issue we all experience:  we want to spend our time with family and friends, relaxing and doing the things we enjoy rather than cleaning.

But what if you could discover a way to organize quickly and keep organized with the least amount of effort?  What if your home or office was organized to meet your needs and comfort level?  Join the growing group of people already using "Out of the Crayon Box" techniques and tips!

Contact us to be included in email notification regarding the book's publication and registration as a member on our website.  Click here to order your copy today!

Out of the Crayon Box has arrived! 

Order your copy today and receive free print-ready 'Personal Planner Builder" to create a custom planner to fit your special needs! 

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