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Out of the Crayon BoxComments received:

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"I'm loving your book! Your "Crayon Box" analogy works perfectly for me - creative and cheerful. Simplicity and happiness...here I come!" (M.S., Tx)

"This book is fun to read:) 
Who knew organizing could be simple?"(C.H., SC)

"You two sisters are geniouses!  Logical attitude changing concepts wrapped in humor.  Makes it easy to keep reading."  (D.A., DFW)

"Now that I know the secret to "do more" living, it's so simple, I can't believe I'd never heard this before.  The prospect of organizing was overwhelming, but I read the book and jumped right in to organize a messy kitchen that's been unorganized for years.  I'm half finished and  it's actually been fun.  My husband smiles because I keep opening my cabinets because they look so neat now...and they're staying that way!"  (S.P, San Antonio)

"Love the glossary.  I think you should have put those descriptions at the beginning of the book.  We laughed as we read through your 'new' definitions and twists on organizational terms." (J.K., Kennedale)

"I watched TV shows about hoarders and people who'd come in to help them organize.  I had to quit watching the shows because I felt so sad for the people, who always cried or were overwhelmed.  I felt that organizing my home would generate that same sense of failure, but your book shows me that it's using those six simple steps that we can all do.  Thanks for giving me hope that I can do this...and for the tips to keep motivated and understanding the simple process.  This can work for me." (C.W, CA.)

"This is good information for anyone, but should be required information for every high school or college student to learn as they start out living on their own."  (Larry, San Antonio)

"This book makes me want to begin organizing  now.  I want to read, yet it inspires me to stop and begin organizing.   How about making a CD to listen to while organizing?" (Josie M.)

Kathy has already made part of my life sooo much better!
Can't wait for more help!  (Shea,  Arlington, Tx.)

"I bought this book for my oldest daughter, a busy and stressed working woman, wife and mother.  Before I had time to give it to her, I quickly read it myself. (I'm actually a very neat kind of person and my home is always clean, since it's just my husband and me).  Your book inspired me!!!  After reading it, I got rid of all of my unused kitchen plastic containers, which did happen to be the one messy spot in my house.  I love it!  My daughter is excited that I'm sending her this very special book as a gift. You two are awesome."
(Yvonne, San Antonio)