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(Reference Page 86 from book: Scanning children's artwork).
Before you scan children's artwork, quickly write the child's name and date on the artwork.  This helps organize which artwork belongs to which child, and the date allows a child to recall work they did during that particular time in their life.

Label the artwork with an easy to remember system that is consistent.
For example, we label artwork as year/month/child/comment.  This might read "2011 Feb Joey_Favorite SuperHeros" or "2011 Mar Billy_My day at the zoo".

Assign a special folder on the computer desktop for a child to save their artwork.  We recommend a separate folder for each child.

Another fun idea?  Create a flash show on your computer that streams photos and children's artwork!  Don't forget the digital photo nightlight idea that the kiddoes love from page 57!
(Reference Page 86 from book: Scanning magazine articles).
When we read our favorite magazines or newspapers, there may be ideas, articles or recipes that we want to remember.  Instead of keeping the entire magazine (which is about 70% advertising)...or cluttering your home, why not scan the favorite ideas into easy to find computer folders?  You may want to create a folder called "Articles to Save".  Within that folder, create specific 'sub-folders'.  (Samples might be: "Recipes", "Decorating Ideas", "Inspirational Stories", "Quotes", "Crafts", etc.)  As you scan an article, label it so it's easy to locate later and save into the appropriate folder.  After scanning, donate the magazine to a friend, your library, doctor or dentist's office!  Someone else might enjoy reading it, and the clutter stays out of your home!  (Remove your mailing label before donating).