Kitchen and Pantry...

Out of the Crayon Box Spice Bottles  #2:  Movers and Shakers:  The spice section! 

Before you decluttered your spice cabinets, remember your old 'moving' habit (digging through the Lazy Susan turn-table or rows of spices to find the right spice)?  Now it's only the 'shaking' that's done as you immediately see the exact spice you need and simply 'shake' it into your recipe.

Once people organize, many enjoy ordering matching spice bottles so their spices look great and are always handy in the cabinet.  Buy matching spice bottles once and use them repeatedly for many years.  Purchase spices online or in sealed packages and pour into your organized bottles.  It saves $$in the long term.  (Packaged spices cost less since you're paying for a bottle + the spice each time you purchase a bottled spice).

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Yikes!  Close the door on this messy spice cabinet! From this!  Out of the Crayon Box...THE place to simplify and organize!Out of the Crayon Box hits another home run with this space re-organization project!

1. Removed all lazy Susan spice holders.
2. Added door storage (from Container Store.
3. Placed spices on their sides (wrote name of spice on top of each jar & alphabetized).
4. Put 'baking supplies' in stackable containers (from Container Store).  These supplies had previously been in the pantry.  Now they're readily available where it is most convenient for this family who likes to cook. 
5. Next steps to organize this area?  Remove the Lazy Susan's (on top shelf) since they are now cluttering and share with someone who might use them...or donate).  If you want a super cool cabinet, begin to add matching spice bottles.  (Photo coming soon of this 'final after photo'!  You'll love what they did:)


The following resources offer 4 oz bottles 
(standard spice bottle size):
*Lucky Vitamin (sell spice bottles,
           jars & 'wellness' items)
Spice Barn  (sell spice jars, labels, spices,
           extracts, flavorings, popcorn
           seasonings, dips and salad dressings).
*CPS Container and Packaging (bottles)
*Specialty Bottle (sell containers, spice bottles,
           glass, plastic, tin bottles & jars) 
Inmark, Inc. (Containers & jars of all kinds)
Fueund Container (jars, bottles, lids, tins)