Kitchen and Pantry...

"Out of the Crayon Box" shares the fastest ways to declutter and organize the kitchen in a way that isn't overwhelming, but is a process that can be done one drawer at a time, one cabinet at a time.  It motivates you to keep moving forward until you'd discovered the secrets of your own kitchen and pantry usage needs.

Products we personally use, and also recommend for clients, include some of the following. 

We've also done some searching (to save you some time!) to find some of the best pricing for such simple things as spice jars and lids, space-saving & multi-use products, and sturdy products that will last for years. 

We found that when we declutter and organize our kitchens, we become much more selective in what we allow in our kitchen.  Cluttered, mismatched storage becomes organized, attractive, quick to find and easy-to-use. 

We look at each thing we buy.  Do we really need it?  Will it serve multi-purposes?  Will it unnecessarily steal storage space?  Is it well-made and durable?

Only things we use and love remain in this pivotal area of the home!  We may discover that we've become much more selective as we search for long-term quality, not quantity.

Ideas we love! #1 idea: 
  Crayon Kitchen Box!  

The Crayon-Kitchen-Box plastic food storage is mentioned in our book and all the reasons we love it!  It allows about 99% of plastic storage needs to be stored in a concise 12"X14" space!

Click here to check out the before & after photos,  how-to instructions to make your own CKB and why this one idea is such a space-saver!

Out of the Crayon Box Spice Bottles  #2:  Movers and Shakers:  

          The spice section! 

Before you decluttered your spice cabinets, remember your old 'moving' habit (digging through the Lazy Susan turn-table or rows of spices to find the right spice)?  Now it's only the 'shaking' that's done as you immediately see the exact spice you need and simply 'shake' it into your recipe.

See photos of before and after spice cabinet organization projects that will teach and motivate you to move and shake that spice cabinet!