Products that work well throughout the home or office...

There are certain items that just seem to work well in any room of the home.  Even though we may list these in the different sections (i.e., the "Resources: Room by Room" link), we also wanted to mention them here.

The Container Store sized plastic storage boxes (in sizes: "women's shoe box", "men's shoe box" and the "sweater box") are so adaptable because they easily stack when not in use, are translucent (so you can quickly view what's inside) and fit both narrow, as well as wider spaces.  We recommend that you de-clutter a room or area before purchasing any product, but one you have decluttered and removed items you no longer use or want, you will be able to then determine exactly how many boxes (& the sizes) that you will need.  We often use these containers without their lids, as 'one-motion' pull-out 'drawers' (such as in the pantry, closet or children's toy room areas).  Read many more hints in our book about some great way to use these durable products:)  Watch for regular sales by Container store on these boxes, which makes it even more affordable to have that organized look you want!

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but we still end up with plastic and paper bags in our homes.  We encourage you to think of as many uses for these as possible.  Save some $$and recycle those plastic grocery bags when you use them for liners in trashcans in the bathroom (where trashcans tend to be smaller).  Use them to clean up in the car (instead of buying new plastic bags), use them for transporting things back and forth between home or office.  The more times we carry reusable e-mesh (environmentally friendly bags), plastic or paper products we already have on hand, the more we protect our environment...and save ourselves a few dollars in the process.