Kitchen and Pantry...

#1:  Crayon Kitchen Box! 

Crayon Kitchen Box: Storing Plastics in 1 space!This is mentioned in our book, and all the reasons why we love it!  It allows about 99% of your plastic storage needs to all be stored in a concise 12"X14"  space. It's a great tool to have at your fingertips!  (See photo at bottom of this page comparing a 'floppy storage' vs. a square bottom container.  It will help you understand why we recommend these containers. 

We begin with a Container Store sweater box as the base.  This box allows a 'one-motion pull' to easily slide all the containers at once.  

Next, order online or purchase quart, pint and 1/2 pint square, stackable containers.  (We use the 'Stor-Keeper' containers.  Some suppliers are: Arrow Plastics, cleaning supply houses, restaurant supply houses and some Tractor Supply stores.  These containers use the same sized lid & stack inside eachother.  No more wasted time 'hunting for a lid that fits!'

Make your own or order our Ready-Made Crayon Kitchen Box!
Go to your grocery store and purchase 1-2 packages of the in-expensive Glad-ware 8-cup plastic containers.

Assemble as shown below.

If you'd don't have time to make your own,
order our Ready-Made "Crayon Kitchen Boxes (from our "Shop" section.) 

Buy quality products once to last many years, while looking neat and organized!

Sizes of containers included in the Crayon Kitchen Box   

         Floppy vs. Square decide which is best.
Now decide...floppy vs. square-bottom container storage. 
(Both hold the same amount of turkey in this photo). 
Which would you select if you wanted an organized refrigator?