About the Authors...

Kathy Barcroft & Jeanne Fuller are both former educators with active lives and families.  They are also sisters who would rather be enjoying life, friends and family instead of spending valuable time on things which don't enrich life.  They decided to merge their skills, knowledge and energy to share information with others who also want to enjoy a simplified, more organized life with less work.

The only snag?  As they began brainstorming ideas and writing the book,  "Out Of The Crayon Box", they found the process was becoming increasingly fun instead of the work they expected.  You may also find your goal for a simplified, organized life ends up being more fun than you ever envisioned!
Kathy Barcroft has been organizing homes, offices and teachers' classrooms for decades.  When she was teaching, other over-whelmed coworkers quickly noticed that her classroom organizational skills made her job much easier than they were experiencing.  They began asking her to help them organize their spaces, which had an unexpected contagious impact on entire grade levels and schools. Through the years, Kathy's passion for simplified organization helped her discover unique methods which further decrease clutter in a shorter period of time.  She has enthusiastically taught and actively assisted her clients to obtain the enjoyable environments they desire. Kathy practices what she preaches and has helped countless other women and men manage their home and work environments.
As a business owner and manager, Jeanne Fuller deals with aspects of marketing as well as office organization, detailed project scope development and implementation.  She's helped establish businesses, designed and researched campaigns. Her educational writing, teaching and creativity resulted in curriculum publications by major publishing houses, as well as multiple teaching awards and honors in the field of education.  She enjoys creating clean work areas in paper-filled offices, moving from chaos to simplified 'Scan, Backup, & Shred!' record storage for both office and home. She acknowledges her instinctive delight in shredding paper must stem from exposure to the 'piles of files' experienced in bureaucratic, business and health care positions. 

Kathy evaluates projects from the quickest, simplest point from 'here to there'; Jeanne visualizes the project from beginning to end, with consecutive steps along the way to a quality product.  Kathy carries a small, concise, custom organizer in her purse; Jeanne carries a small hand-held shredder.  Both carry snacks for grandchildren:)

Both Jeanne and Kathy are happily married, have adult children & grandchildren, which truly enrich their lives (& give them more important things to do than dusting!).   They reside in different cities, but both live in Texas (DFW area and San Antonio).

Kathy keeps Jeanne focused on the issues at hand while she shares her knowledge and experience as it relates to organization and simplicity.  Jeanne keeps Kathy laughing and energizes their creative 'work sessions', taking that knowledge and actually getting it organized in writing.  Together, they  broaden 'out of the box' thinking to include concepts that the average person (i.e. the somewhat unorganized person or the totally unorganized person) can easily understand and apply.  

Kathy takes Jeanne's writing and edits or cuts out about 1/2 of it so it's "bare bones simplified' concise information.  But that's OK, because while that's happening, Jeanne is taking Kathy's lists, adding important details & notes to the information (which about doubles the documents:)   Eventually they forget who wrote what and they enthusiastically cut, edit and add so that only the really good stuff remains!

Due to their different skills they are able to remain anchored to the common sense aspects of simplified organization while they will also energize readers with new views, humor, creative tools and ideas that make the journey toward the simplified life as enjoyable as possible.